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Compressor Vibration
  • Front and rear cone fits bearing looseness, and tie-bolt stretch.
  • Premature compressor blade failure on initial start-up.
  • Incomplete compressor cleaning
Contamination Build-Up
  • Evaporator cooling water contamination carry-over.
  • Contamination in the compressor bleed valve resulting in compressor surge
Combustor Failure
  • Combustor distortion resulting from improper manufacturer/assembly.
  • Combustor linear failure due to poor spot welding techniques.
Distorted Temperature Pattern
  • Unstable combustion pattern, NOx control water injection rate, and wrong orifice in the fuel nozzle NOx control water.
High Thrust Bearing Temperatures
  • Thermal distortion of the diffuser case.
Disc Creep Failure
  • Turbine blade failure due to high cycle fatigue. Low time failures attributed to tracking operating hours and NOT "equivalent operating hours".
Turbine Blade Failure
  • Turbine blade failure due to high cycle fatigue.
Exhaust Duct Explosion
  • Inadequate engine-generator control.
  • Control component malfunction.
Cylinder Liner Erosion
  • Contaminated engine cooling water.
Connecting Rods Bent/Broken
  • Unbalance forces in piston.
Compressor Surge
  • Mis-assembly of compressor stator following unit overhaul.
  • Faulty adjustments in the surge control program.
Cylinder Failure
  • Variable volume pocket (VVP) improperly positioned resulting in inadequate clearance.
Bearing Faillure
  • Contaminated lubrication oil.
Piston Rod Faillure
  • Piston unbalance resulting in excessive flexing of the piston rod.